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KI Training & Assessing can provide companies with the benefit of delivering nationally recognised training, without having to become a Registered Training Organisation in their own right.

  • Engaging in an auspice agreement enables your in-house trainer and assessor’s to utilise KI Training & Assessing’s scope of registration to deliver units of competency or full qualifications to your employees.

    KI Training & Assessing addresses the compliance issues for all regulatory bodies and issues the statements of attainment and qualifications.

  • What will you gain from a partnership with KI Training & Assessing?

    A Partnership will allow you to;

    • Deliver nationally accredited training and qualifications to your employees
    • Be assured of the integrity and quality of the assessments your employees receive
    • Internally manage your in-house training programs rather than outsourcing the work
    • Deliver training both on and off the job, at times and places suited to your schedule
    • Customise the course material to be aligned with your organisations systems and procedures
    • Provide your workforce with the pathways to further training and career development
    • Deliver nationally accredited training that ensures employees have the skills and competencies your organisation requires

    Strict criteria must be met before an auspice agreement can be entered into with KI Training and Assessing.


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Where a partnership is formed the RTO is responsible for ensuring the quality of training delivery and assessment at all times. KI Training and Assessing will work with the nominated in-house Trainer & Assessors to ensure they meet the required standards and hold the relevant competencies, before being listed as an ‘approved trainer’ under the agreement.
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When notified by the approved trainer that an employee has met the requirements of the nominated unit of competency or qualification, KI Training & Assessing will issue a statement of attainment and wallet card (if applicable) in accordance with the quality procedure developed in the partnership agreement.

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Our partnership agreements include a support service, providing regular updates of changes within the VET sector that affect the partnership agreement. Approved trainers will also have direct access to KI Training & Assessing management for advice on all training related issues.

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As the RTO, KI Training & Assessing are responsible for the quality of the training and assessment delivered by your organisation. KI Training & Assessing conduct regular on-site audits of approved trainers operating under the partnership agreement. These are always conducted by prior arrangement.


We strive to ensure we offer the most cost effective solutions for your organisation’s training needs, therefore the costs of a partnership with KI Training & Assessing are determined on an individual needs basis after in depth consultation, taking into account factors such as;

  • Your expected number of participants
  • Whether you will use our training resources of provide your own course material
  • Whether your course material will require mapping, development or improvement
  • Whether you are an RTO, a non-accredited organisation or an individual
  • Whether you will need KI Training & Assessing to write or source resources for you
  • What type of Certificate of Testamur will be awarded

To express your interest in partnering with KI Training & Assessing or for more information on how we can help with your training needs, contact the friendly team at KI Training & Assessing on (08) 9262 9696 or email