Forklift (LF)


TLILIC001 - Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck

Worksafe Western Australia Certification

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This forklift training course is designed for participants to gain the necessary skills to plan, prepare and complete forklift work based on the National High Risk Licence Unit of Competence: ‘TLILIC2001 – Licence to operate a forklift truck’. On completion of this high risk course, participants will gain a forklift ticket and will be able to drive a forklift truck safely.

This comprehensive two day course involves both theory and practical components and can be completed at our training centre in Perth.

Participants who are successful in the completion of this training course will be at an advantage to secure job within the industrial, mining, oil and gas sectors such as:

  • Forklift Driver/Operator
  • Storeman
  • Transport Yard Forklift Operator
  • Freight Handler


What are the prerequisites of getting a forklift licence?

  • Persons must be 18 years of age or older
  • Photo ID must be presented i.e. current drivers licence or passport
  • Basic numeracy skills
  • Basic English language and literacy skills


Our in-depth forklift course covers the major documentation and procedural aspects of operating a standard forklift:

  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation – also called occupational health and safety (OH&S)
  • High-risk work licencing (HRWL) rules
  • Hazard identification, hazard controls and risk-reduction planning
  • Communications best practices
  • Load-assessments, including rated capacity and load centre distances
  • Pre-start and start-up checks
  • General forklift operation and controls
  • Shut-down procedures
  • Calculations.


On successful completion of this course, persons will receive a Statement of Attainment and Notice of Assessment which is valid for 60 days. Once a copy of your Statement of Attainment, Worksafe application and Worksafe fee has been submitted to the relevant state or territory regulator you will receive a National High Risk Licence.

*Note – The course price does not include the Worksafe application fee of $115

KITA can lodge your Worksafe application for High Risk Work Licence for $115, this includes an administration fee. Two passport photos will need to be provided


What is the difference between LO and LF forklift licence?

As there are different categories of forklift designed for different jobs, there are also different forklift licences. The main differences between the LO and the LF licenses are:

  • LF permits you to operate any forklift except for “order picker” or “stock picker” forklifts.
  • LO permits you to only operate an “order picker” or “stock picker” forklifts.

How much can I expect to earn as a forklift operator?

According to, the average hourly pay for a forklift operator in Australia is AU$23.98. However, considerably higher pay rates are fairly common.

How can I prepare for my forklift licence testing?

There are three components to the forklift licence test: a theory assessment, a calculations assessment and a practical assessment.

Key points:

  1. Study a forklift driver manual.
  2. Read our basic driver tips and hints.
  3. Each training course differs – ask your course provider for their forklift driver manual and practice questions.
  4. Most training courses include a 72-question written exam – make sure you practice the theory sections before starting the course.

How long does the forklift licence last?

  • Your forklift licence is valid for 5 years.
  • It must be renewed within 12 months from the expiry date.
  • If you do not renew your licence in time, you must retake a forklift training course. KI Training & Assessing also offer 1 day forklift course for those who haven’t renewed their license on time. Get in touch for pricing and course dates.

How do I renew my forklift licence?

You must renew your licence within the 5 years that it is valid. The renewal can be undertaken online at Before you start, you will need: your HRWL number; a valid email address or registered mobile phone number; a valid credit card; and a passport photo.

How much does a forklift licence cost?

Course costs vary according to the degree of training required. If you need the full 2-day course cost, please contact us for a full quote. We can also quote on 1-day forklift courses for those who haven’t renewed their license within 12 months of expiry. All courses are GST exempt.

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Duration: 16 hours
Maximum Participants: 8people
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