A short course is a great way to learn the required skills to enter the mining, construction, and oil and gas industries. These industries can be highly specialised, with the necessary knowledge needed in order to succeed. When you opt to study a unit or course within the sector you want to work in, you’re giving yourself a great head start to having a successful career.

At KI Group, we aim to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to succeed. Our nationally recognised training courses are used throughout Australia. This blog will be all about short training courses, and why you need them to thrive in your career. In it, we will explain more about what these are, the types needed in the industry, and what is available to you with the KI Group.

What is A Short Course?

Many industry-specific challenges require specialised knowledge. Similarly, the workplace always faces complex influences that workers need up to date knowledge on. A short course can do just that. This type of learning reflects the need for a consistently up to date awareness of the workplace. Every single module available will be designed to propel students further in their careers. Those wanting to start out in the mining, construction, and oil and gas sectors will benefit greatly due to the complicated and skilled learning required to succeed here.

What Types of Short Course Do I Need?

The type of learning you need will vary greatly by industry. For example, an accounting unit will look far different from those of oil, gas, and construction.

However, for those specific to the sectors that the KI Group specialise in, there are a variety of units available. These include complex workplace health and safety units, mobile plant and industrial services training, training skills, and first aid modules. You may need to take many different units in order to succeed within the sector, but you will always succeed with the KI Group learning, provided you put in the time, skills, and learning required.

It’s best to have a chat with one of our friendly team members to find out what training you need to take and when. It will vary depending on where you are in your career, your goals and aspirations, and what you need to enter the industry.

What Courses Can I Study with the KI Group?

There are plenty of modules on offer with the KI Group. Each one is designed by experts and will give you the required knowledge to succeed. They are as follows:

  • Gantry/Overhead Crane Training– This unit would benefit those looking to gain the necessary skills to operate a gantry or overhead crane safely.
  • High-Pressure Water Jet Training – Assistant– You should take this training to learn the practical skills to use high-pressure water jetting equipment as an assistant.
  • Working at Heights– is ideal for those needing to work at heights in their sector, particularly for the construction industry.
  • Working at Heights Refresher– This is perfect for those needing to work at heights in their sector – particularly for the construction industry. It’s a refresher course.
  • High-Pressure Water Jet Training – Operator– If you want to progress into an operator role for high-pressure water jets, then take this unit.
  • Confined Space Training– Students who participate in this programme will understand how to work correctly in confined spaces.
  • Confined Space Training Refresher– Students will benefit from this refresher unit in confined spaces – this is particularly beneficial in the mining sector.
  • Gas Test Atmospheres Training– is a fantastic way to learn the necessary skills to conduct gas testing.
  • Provide First Aid – After taking this module, participants will understand and carry out practical first aid.
  • Basic Fire Training– This is a unit designed to aid responses in a fire emergency.
    While some of our units are specialised in specific industries, others are common courses required by Workplace Health and Safety Standards. However, you are likely to require specific learning as required by your employer.

KI Group is proud to offer such a wide range of short courses to its students. Our units match the industry standards and will give you the required technical and practical knowledge to succeed in these sectors. The mining, oil, gas, and construction industries require technical learning, so you need to continue learning throughout your career.

If you’re looking to upskill, the KI Group is here to help. Our friendly advisor team would love to help you through any course programme selection. Simply get in contact with any training enquiries here.