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Work Safely At Heights (WSH)


RIIWHS204D - Work Safely at Heights

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This training course is designed for participants to gain necessary skills to work safely at heights and is based on the National Unit of Competency: RIIWHS204D – Work Safely at Heights. This training course applies to operational roles within, but not limited to the Mining, Construction and Building Industries. On completion of this course, participants will have knowledge of the OHS, legislation and Australian Standards relating to working at heights; identify the work requirements, procedures and instructions for the task; be able to identify and control hazards; fall arrest systems and Personal Protective Equipment; Perform work at heights.



  • Photo ID must be presented i.e. current drivers license or passport
  • Basic English language and literacy skills


On successful completion of the course persons will be issued with a KI Training and Assessing Certificate/Statement of Attainment and a Work Safely at Heights card. This course is a Nationally Accredited Course.

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Duration: 8 hours
Maximum Participants: 10 people

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