KI Recruitment

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KI Recruitment specialises in providing recruitment solutions to the mining, civil, commercial, industrial, and oil and gas sectors. Our recruitment divisions have highly qualified, industry experienced recruitment operatives which gives KI Recruitment a decisive edge when sourcing personnel in a competitive market.

It is a key business goal to provide our clients and employees with the highest quality recruitment service at all times. Our business development and recruitment staff are on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to service the immediate needs of our clients.

KI Recruitment has developed industry leading recruitment processes and procedures which enables us to provide our clients with highly skilled personnel for casual, temporary or permanent placements. This is serviced through our database of ‘job ready’ personnel and our network of offices located in Perth, Bunbury, Broome, Kununurra and Darwin.

  • All KI Recruitment personnel are recruited through stringent recruitment processes including:

    • Face to face candidate interviewing
    • Thorough work referencing relative to professional, trade and industrial qualifications
    • Confirmation of trade certification, licences and relevant training qualifications
    • Any additional requirements specific to / and or required for employment with our clients
    • Medically tested for fitness for work, suitable to the employed role
  • KI Recruitment strives to meet the changing needs of the workplace through our commitment to providing clients with tailored solutions to meet their recruitment needs.

    We are consistently assessing our business systems and implementing innovative technology designed to deliver overall cost effectiveness and increased productivity to our clients.

    This division offers exciting employment opportunities to our employees and job seekers, supported by our training and assessing business.