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KI Group (KI) firmly believes that the health and safety of its employees and contractors are of primary importance in the successful conduct of its business activities.
  • KI recognises its legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe working environment, safe systems of work and competent supervision of all employees. KI has a commitment to conduct its operations in a manner that will not cause people to be hurt, nor place their health at risk.

    The managing director is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this policy. The health and safety duties of management at all levels will be detailed and company procedures for training will be followed. In fulfilling the objectives of this policy, management is committed to regular consultation with employees to ensure that the policy operates effectively, and that health and safety issues are regularly reviewed.

  • Zero lost time injury frequency rate is a key management objective, which will be pursued with similar vigour to other management objectives. The benefits to be gained from successful health and safety programs are significant in both human and monetary terms and justify the pursuit of the highest standards of Occupational Health and Safety. In support of its commitment, KI will implement the policies as the basis for developing an effective safety management program.These policies will be regularly reviewed in the light of legislation and company changes. Management seeks cooperation from all employees in realising health and safety objectives and creating a safe work environment.
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