Working at heights from a scaffold can be a scary and dangerous profession, which is why you need the right licensing and certifications in order to do so. For example, certain industries, like construction, require workers to have the right certifications for scaffolding so that they can work from heights. This is not just a requirement of the company but also of the state laws. Both you and the company you work for can receive many fines and penalties if you are not licensed properly. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to obtain this certification prior to undertaking any high-risk work.

The KI Group operates in Perth and the Belmont area in Western Australia. We are proud to offer short training courses and high-risk certifications for workers in the construction and mining industries. This blog will be all about how to pick the right basic scaffolding course for you.

Why Do You Need a Basic Scaffolding License?

A scaffolding license is required by anyone doing scaffolding or standing on a scaffold more than four metres in height. If a business or worker is operating without a license on a scaffold, there will be fines associated with it that the state government implements. The cost of the fine depends on the state you’re operating in, but one thing is very clear: if you want to perform tasks with the health and safety of others in mind, ensure that you are up to date in every certification you might need to do your job.

What Industries Use Scaffolding?

Many industries use scaffolding, so it’s likely that if you are working in one of the following, you’ll need to obtain your basic license. These are:

  • construction,
  • industrial,
  • mining,
  • oil,
  • and gas industries.

It might be that the occupation you are pursuing within this industry doesn’t require a scaffolding license. However, in order to progress in these industries, particularly when you will be working in the field, you should consider getting your basic qualification.


What Industries Use Scaffolding

What Is A Basic Scaffolding Course?

A basic scaffolding course is the lowest level of qualification you can obtain for this type of work. It’s for people who are just entering the construction, industrial, mining, oil, and gas industries, or for people who are changing roles or progressing in their careers.

What Should I Be Aware of When Choosing My Basic Scaffolding Course?

When choosing your basic scaffolding course, you should be aware of any potential limitations of the qualification. These could include any time restraints or state regulations. You need to ensure that your certification is sufficient to give you the necessary safety and security while performing your work. For example, with the KI Group Basic Scaffolding course, you’ll learn all the necessary knowledge about how to operate a scaffold, including:

  • Planning for the job
  • Selecting and inspecting appropriate scaffold and associated equipment
  • Setting up the task and preparing scaffold and associated equipment for erection
  • Erecting scaffold and scaffold equipment
  • Dismantling scaffold and scaffold equipment.


What Should I Be Aware of When Choosing My Basic Scaffolding Course


You should also consider where and when the course will take place and the class sizes. It’s important for your education that you receive the right care and space to learn as efficiently as possible. At the KI Group, the course takes place at our training centre in Perth. Here, you’ll learn all about the necessary basic skills and competencies of scaffolding over the course of five days. It’s both a theoretical and practical course. Each program has a maximum of eight students so that the necessary focus and care can be dedicated to every person participating.

Your education is important to the KI Group. With the basic scaffolding course, you know that you’ll leave our training centre with the right knowledge and certifications to have a successful career in certain industries. Choosing any kind of qualification to study is an investment in yourself and your career. The KI Group in Perth is an experienced and knowledgable company to undertake this learning with – we have your best interests at heart, and partner with the relevant state and national boards to ensure that you are properly trained and certified. To begin your learning journey with the KI Group, speak to one of our friendly advisors today.